The High Court - Puppet Strings - CD $5.00

Unlike many of the albums of its time, Puppet Strings, the debut release from New Jerseys The High Court, wholeheartedly embraces the spirit of good, old-fashioned rock n roll. The band holds a special place in their heart for debauchery, indulging their hedonistic tendencies with 2 Much Love 4 One Woman and Refresher Course. While The High Court shamelessly disregards any form of subtlety in their exploits, they go about even the tawdriest subject matter with an unavoidable charm. This isn’t to say that they focus solely on the benefits of a rock-star lifestyle. The soft croon of Heaven on the Horizon tugs at the heartstrings, while Like a Ghost and Whisper to the Clouds focus on the victims of undeserved hardships. Released on I Surrender Records, the twelve tracks of Puppet Strings seamlessly combine psychedelic guitar solos, clever lyrics, and an undeniable swagger that leaves the fans begging for more.

Track Listing:
1. Puppet Strings
2. 2 Much Love For 1 Woman
3. The Refresher Course
4. Whisper To The Clouds
5. In Bambi's Eyes
6. Heaven On The Horizon
7. Alien
8. Payback
9. She'll Never Know
10. After The Climax
11. Like A Ghost
12. Down In Flames